Over half of Brits still feel menopause is a taboo subject

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In fact, almost half (47 percent) believe approaching the subject with a woman might make them feel uncomfortable, while 38 percent think it’s simply not their place to ask.

Delving deeper into the communication barriers surrounding menopause, a third (31 percent) would be too embarrassed to broach the subject with a woman.

And almost two-thirds (58 percent) wouldn’t feel comfortable even with a loved one or a friend.

The research was commissioned by wellness brand, OTO, to mark the launch of its range of fans, created in partnership with fashion designer Bella Freud, to empower women to embrace the symptoms of menopause, and help them to make a visible statement about the challenges.

Gemma Colao, founder and creative director of the wellness brand, says: “Our research shows that there’s clearly more to be done in breaking down the communication barriers surrounding the menopause.

“Our brand was born out of an ambition to help people find balance – and what better way to achieve this than through more open communication and awareness of one of the most challenging experiences in a woman’s life.”

Reflecting on the importance of these conversations, 46 percent believe having more open and honest dialogue with their partner and children would make them feel better understood.

And more than a quarter (27 percent) say they would feel more loved and appreciated – while a fifth (22 percent) believe it would improve their relationships.

The research went on to learn about the lifestyle impact that menopausal symptoms have on women – with three in ten (29 percent) having lost their confidence, while 24 percent worry they’ll never feel like themselves again.

One in three feel flustered (31 percent) and embarrassed (29 percent) when experiencing a hot flush.

And 27 percent have felt on edge in social situations or an important meeting, as they fret over whether they will have a hot flash – while 13 percent will also stress about feeling hot under the collar when sat on public transport.

It also emerged women believe better sleep (47 percent), improving their diet (27 percent), and taking supplements (24 percent) would help them mitigate menopausal symptoms.

Gemma Colao added: “We’re delighted to team up with Bella Freud to create an accessory to help women feel seen – designed to help those experiencing symptoms of menopause relieve the rising heat with pride, whenever and wherever they need to.”

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