Phobia of the big city

Are you familiar with an unpleasant feeling of anxiety, shortness of breath or palpitations that occur in the crowd, in a large supermarket or a crowded subway car? The psychologist Darya Selivanova talks about the most common phobias people of metropolis.

This is usually a very intense fear, accompanied by deterioration of health: shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations, hot or cold, weak legs, sweating, goosebumps…

  • The price paid for progress. The way of life of modern man is radically different from the lives of our ancestors. A large number of strangers are daily occurring in our way of travel for many kilometers in a short time, descent underground (the subway) or, conversely, the lift on the 20th floor for all this is stress to the human body.

Nature did not expect such a load when creating our mental and emotional sphere. Therefore, modern man does not have reliable ways of dealing with these overloads. And if in Your life there are additional sources of emotional problems, the processes of self-regulation (i.e., maintaining the body normal), because there is a phobia.

  • The negative experience. Enough to survive once an attack of great anxiety, being, say, a large shopping center, to create a so-called Association of the shopping centre feeling unwell. Although the cause may be lack of oxygen or other experiences, not related to the place itself. But in the very subsequent anxiety associated with predvidenie possible repetition, can cause deterioration of health, and thereby to provoke a repetition of the attacks.


  1. Fear of the underground, travel in the Elevator (options symptoms of claustrophobia). It is based on stress, as for the person both of these processes are not biologically natural and are associated with the loss of support.

  2. Fear of transport as such. For example, a person begins to avoid minibuses, buses, metro. It is based on the stress of rapid movement over long distances.

  3. Fear of crowds, large concentrations of people. In this situation also triggered the mechanism of biological protection, since man by nature so many people is dangerous, there is no way to control everything.

  4. Fear of public places (alfabia). It is based on fear of attention, fear of being in a stupid situation or disgrace.

  5. Fear the big stores, shopping centers. Is also a manifestation of social phobia.

  6. Panic attacks irrational feeling of fear. Is usually based on the fear of death, illness, inability to receive timely assistance.

  7. Agoraphobia or fear of open spaces. Fear is generally out of the house without an escort.


It all depends on how pronounced you have one or another phobia. If it’s mild discomfort, which is not always the case, it is enough of camping, sessions on relaxation and normalization of well-being (perfect yoga), mastering abdominal breathing and attention switch.

If the phobia causes you to avoid situations that cause it, you feel a sharp deterioration, being in a frightening situation, you need a psychologist. If phobia you have limited lives, do not have the opportunity to travel around the city or to do without the help of loved ones would most likely need medical therapy (use of tranquilizers, neuroleptics)

Author: Daria Selivanova,psychologist, body-oriented psychotherapist