Prolonged use of gadgets causes mental problems in children

Journal PreventiveMedicineReport published the results of a study by American scientists, have confirmed the danger of smartphones to the psyche of children. The researchers stated that children under the age of 18 who provocato screens of smartphones and other gadgets more hours in the day, prone to mental problems.

Experts have found that even an hour of communication with gadgets in a day is enough to cause mental problems in children. According to the study, prolonged use of gadgets correlated with a decrease in curiosity, self-control, emotional stability, and increased distractibility. In addition, children who use gadgets an hour a day or more, often have problems in communication with peers, said the scientists.

In favor of the conclusions of the experts say the data analysis of information obtained in the framework of the national survey of parents about children’s health for the year 2016. Studying this information allowed us to establish a strong correlation between time spent at the screens of their gadgets, and mental well-being as younger children and teenagers. For adolescents this pattern is seen much stronger, said the researchers.

In particular, it was found that adolescents from 14 to 17 years, conducting the screens of gadgets seven or more hours a day, mental problems are expressed more substantial than children of the same age group, but conductive at screens an hour a day. Specifically we are talking about issues such as depression and anxiety.

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