Recall the pill Trigoa: experts warn of unintended pregnancies

After the recall of the anti-baby pill “Trigoa” because of incorrectly printed tablets packaging, the number of women affected remains unclear.

To pharmacies and wholesale good 2700 packs in the affected batches had nationwide been delivered, informed the competent Berlin’s Supervisory authority, the Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (Lageso), on Monday, on request. The recall by the manufacturer Pfizer have on 3. and 4. December is communicating to pharmacies and wholesale. Pfizer had declared at the weekend that the recall concerned a low number of packs.

The pharmaceutical expert Gerd Glaeske (University of Bremen) criticized in the light of the authorities, warning against unwanted pregnant, the communication properties policy of the manufacturer. Especially under the aspect of the limited reliability of prevention should go hand in hand with the recall of a public warning, said the scientists. To find on a Monday afternoon, one week after the Information on pharmacies and wholesale were on the Pfizer website General information on the Trigoa-callback – tips to the other taking the pill for the affected users.

In the case of pregnancies, the manufacturer is liable

The Berlin authorities had made the recall on Friday in a press release publicized, but hardly any Details. A Pfizer spokeswoman said on request: The Information to the recall of three Trigoa batches is done in coordination with the competent authorities. Our information is given in accordance with this vote. So Doctors and pharmacies, for example, been informed in the whole of Germany. Further information is not currently planned.

Glaeske stressed, in the case of pregnancies, the manufacturer according to his estimation, be liable to you for any consequences of the lack of product quality. Errors such as incorrectly printed blister packaging need to stand out from his point of view in the quality assurance of the manufacturer. Because, increasingly, abroad-produced, and fell error sometimes, but only to the users or pharmacists. The Online magazine of pharmacy, wrote in connection with the wrong Trigoa blisters, Pfizer have relocated the production facility, the pill will now be produced in Ireland. The company itself has not responded to the question of how the error happened.

Women doctors don’t count pregnancies

Trigoa is a so-called three-phase preparation that is already since many years on the market. The Dragees are different in high doses and have different colors. According to the instructions first, the six light-brown, five white, and lastly, the ten ochre-coloured sugar-coated tablets taken. In the case of the batches X34106, X51153 and W98332 the label was wrong. It could lead to application errors and unwanted pregnancy, warned the Lageso.

Woman doctors do not expect, therefore, now, however, with a series of pregnancies. The pill contains synthetic hormones be dosed at any point sufficiently high to prevent ovulation, even if the coated tablets are taken in a wrong order, said the President of the professional Association of women doctors, Christian Albring, on Monday on request. This applies as long as a regular, daily intake is backed up every 24 hours. Any consequences for the hormone balance of the affected women were initially unclear.

Packs should be returned to pharmacies

According to a Monday on the website of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices published note to pharmacists and Doctors women should be on the recall informed that between the 27. November and 6. December a prescription cashed in a three-day long period of time could have – as in the first authorities information. Packs from the affected batches should be returned via pharmacies. In return, call pharmacist to check the stocks of their stock, so that faulty batches are no longer being issued.

The recall makes it, according to the Chairman of the drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK), Martin Schulz, already in pharmacies noticeable – the AMK get to feel the annoyance. The pharmacies are from Pfizer to the back of the affected drug packages send has been asked – postage costs would be refunded, and reimbursement of medicinal products were made by the company to us so far, no details are given.

For Trigoa a shortage of supply until probably April of 2019 is now reported. For women affected by the hot, you need to have a new prescription for a similar drug issue, it was said by the AMK.