Remdesivir costs a minimum of 2,340 dollars for a Five-day treatment

Remdesivir, the only drug approved by the US authorities for the treatment of Covid-19 patients so far, will cost between 2.340 and 3.120 dollars for a five-day cycle of treatment with six doses.

The pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc. on Monday known. This means that a dose should cost 390 dollars.

Gilead CEO Daniel O'Day said in an open letter on the Website of the company that the company was in terms of pricing for Remdesivir in “uncharted territory”. “Ultimately, we were guided by the need to do things differently. While the world continues to suffer from the human, social and economic impact of this pandemic, we believe that it is right and responsible is to sell Remdesivir far under value.“

Discounts for developing countries

The advertised price will apply after O’day’s words, for all economically developed countries. For Emerging and developing countries, there will be discounts.

Remdesivir the average treatment time of Covid is to reduce the-19-patients statistically from 15 to eleven days. Also, the mortality rate brings the former Ebola-drug-to-bottom. Another billion Dollar wool plug in Gilead by the end of the year in the exploration of Remdesivir.

In Europe, the drug might receive soon an approval. The European medicines Agency EMA had recommended a conditional treatment of the Corona-patients with Remdesivir.

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