Scientists have discovered how the cold affects mortality

Scientists from the Chinese center for control and prevention learned that a cold is a natural key parameter that affects mortality.

In a large-scale study with the support of the Emory University researchers analyzed causes of death of 1.8 million fellow citizens for 2013-2015 270 Chinese cities. The researchers found that the mortality rate directly linked to the decrease of the background temperature.

“The cold affects the cardiovascular system and causes changes in the autonomic nervous system affects blood pressure and is related to inflammatory processes”, — quotes the words of the researcher Haidong Kan of China Daily.

According to Haidong, at low temperatures particularly affected respiratory organs, they are more than others susceptible to infectious diseases. Also, the cold affects the circulatory system and heart. The risk persists for two weeks after exposure.

This is the most optimal for the human body temperature, scientists have called 22.8 degrees. The most susceptible to disease from hypothermia are women, children and pensioners after 75 years.