Sewing needles in strawberries hidden: Australian police as a “food terrorist”

Because you are sewing in strawberries hiding, has taken the Australian police on Sunday, a 50-year-old woman. The woman was after months of “complex investigation” by the authorities and secret services of various States since the afternoon in police custody.

The police of the state of Queensland reported in the North-East of Australia. Therefore, the woman should be charged in the course of the Evening, and on Monday the district court of Brisbane, will be presented.

Customers were found in September in six of the eight States and territories of Australia sewing needles in strawberries. The first reports came from Queensland. You have reports of similar crimes in five other States, the authorities returned to Copycat followed. Also in new Zealand needles had been in strawberries found.

Supermarkets were forced to take fruits across the country as a precautionary measure off the shelves. Many farmers had to throw away tons of fruit. At least one man was taken to a hospital after he had eaten a strawberry with a needle. The government advised the customer to cut the fruit before eating small. The Australian Parliament increased the penalties for so-called “food terrorists” from 10 to 15 years to life in prison.