Short-Plan in Detail: Betrays a view to Austria, what are the relaxations we get?

“We are on course”! These were the words of Austria’s head of government, Sebastian Kurz on Tuesday morning in Vienna. The positive development in the Corona-Pay the first relaxations of the output limitations of the result. Can Germany learn from the neighboring country?

Austria has managed to turn things around in the Corona of a crisis. The green health Minister Rudolf Anschober said that the increase in the number of confirmed cases amount to for ten days is less than three percent per day. Finally, the growth rate was only 0.8 percent. So far, a total of 368 people are in Austria, according to official data, the consequences of the Coronavirus died.

Discipline and perseverance have led to the Opening of the smaller shops, as well as the construction and garden markets, a first step in the direction of "new Normalität" could be made.

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Easing plan by Sebastian Short

So far Germany has not yet. A view of the neighbouring country could be a touch of a Finger, which are relaxations in the Federal Republic of Germany. Helmut Fohringer/APA/dpa

About four weeks ago had to close for containment of the pandemic in schools, Bars, Restaurants, Theater and non-essential transactions. Now Austria has a clear Plan: a slow, gradual high, the economic drive in the corona of a crisis.

What stores first Austria open – under strict specifications

So opened on Tuesday morning after a month-long "Shutdown" many shops: all shops with a maximum of 400 square feet of customer area, as well as the construction and garden markets. In addition, Car open – and Bicycle workshops, car washes in service stations, building materials, iron and wood trade, pawn institutions, and the trade in precious metals.

The opening Hours are limited to 7.40 PM to 19.00 PM. Traders should not let too many people in your business, they are threatened with drastic penalties of up to 3,600 Euro. In shops, with 400 square meters of customer area may be located, for example, a maximum of 20 people at a time. imago images/Eibner Europa In Austria, shops are open again

In many places, has already been reported in the first hours of a large crowd, especially in DIY stores. For Short-no Surprise. For him, the proviso applies more: “as much freedom as possible, so much the restrictions as necessary.”

Restaurants and Hotels have to be patient

Hairdressers, and all remaining transactions are only allowed from the 2. May re-open. A little longer have to wait in Restaurants, Hotels and shopping malls. They are to remain until at least mid-may, closed. Nail and cosmetic Studio may likely 18. May open.

That in Austria not only easing are imminent, also shows the views of the schools. These are to remain until mid-may, closed, events may be even to the end of June, is prohibited.

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Masks and clearance duty

The mask and distance obligation shall continue to apply to all of the shops and the public space. From the age of six years, the Wear is also available for children in public transport, Taxis or Uber of a protective mask is mandatory.

Merkel consults with Prime Minister

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel meets tomorrow, Wednesday, with the Prime Minister, to discuss the further strategy, as well as possible relaxations of the Corona-rules. With security, the round will continue to monitor the developments in Austria.

The national science Academy, Leopoldina, had called on Monday for a realistic time-plan to return to normality. The researchers recommended that schools "as soon as möglich" to re-open, starting with primary schools and the lower and middle levels. This would differ from the Austrian model. The Leopoldina named but also many of the prerequisites for a return to normality.

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