Silk pillowcases, lavender eye bags and 11 other items to help you get a better night’s sleep

From silk pillowcases to soothing bath soaks and shower mists, these are the products helping us unwind. 

Inconsistent sleep patterns are something many of us experience at some point or another, whether this is caused by work or health-related anxieties or uncertainties to do with the pandemic, there are various factors which can affect our sleep. 

So, here at Stylist, our editors have put together a special curation of products from independent brands that we have featured on The Drop – all designed to help you have a better night’s sleep. 

  • Elm Rd Sleep aromatherapy roll-on

    The Drop: Elm Rd aromatherapy roll on

    There’s so much on offer for those trying to nail down a sleep routine that’ll stick. There is one thing that’s been working for decades though: aromatherapy. Its healing powers lie in the blend, and Elm Rd’s sleep aromatherapy roll-on is our pick of the litter.

    A blend of calming lavender and chamomile mixed with warming vanilla and sandalwood, it’s a soothing concoction that’ll put anyone in the mood for a great night’s sleep. Simply roll onto wrists, neck or any other pulse point and breathe in. Ready, set, sleep…

    Shop Elm Rd Sleep aromatherapy roll-on at The Drop, £15 

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  • The Silk Collection 100% mulberry silk pillowcase & eye mask gift box

    The Drop: The Silk Collection the pure silk sleep set

    Available in three subtle shades – classic white, champagne or oyster grey – and with an exclusive price only on The Drop, this bedtime duo will provide Good Hair Days and Good Skin Days forever more. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t drink up expensive creams and works to smooth hair overnight, making this pillowcase and eye mask your new secret beauty weapons.

    Shop The Silk Collection 100% mulberry silk pillowcase & eye mask gift box at The Drop, £60


  • OTO International Sleep Drops

    The Drop: OTO Sleep Drops

    Containing 10% CBD as well as a complementary blend of botanicals like lavender and butterfly pea flower, the recipe has been hand-selected to help you wind down, relax and better prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep. OTO’s one-of-a-kind tincture provides a refreshing taste of mint making it stress-free and enjoyable to use after brushing your teeth.

    Shop OTO International sleep drops, £69


  • Sleep Goddess Slumber Beauty Sleep Shower Mist

    The Drop: Sleep Goddess Slumber shower sleep mist

    If you’ve dreamt about turning your night-time showers into a spa-level relaxing experience, prepare to be metaphorically lullabied. Simply place a few scoops of the essential oil-packed powder in the corner of your shower and let its soothing scent fill the steamy air. With a saving of more than 15% off exclusively on The Drop, your dreams will be even better.

    Shop Sleep Goddess slumber beauty sleep shower mist, £16.99


  • Kate Barnet Cotton Pyjamas

    The Drop: Kate Barnet PJs

    Made with maximalist floral cotton and complete with contrasting cuffs, we’re tempted to get extra mileage out of the pieces by wearing the bottoms separately with a white vest, denim jacket and flip-flops and the shirt over a pair of bike shorts or cut-off shorts. Because why keep something that looks this good just for bedtime?

    Shop Kate Barnet cotton pyjamas, £60


  • Nicola Rowlands Lavender Eye Bags

    The Drop: Nicola Rowlands Lavender Eye Bags

    Hand-sewn in Manchester, then filled with organic pearl barley and Yorkshire-grown lavender, Nicola Rowlands’ eye bags are your secret weapon for relieving tension and promoting relaxation and drowsiness. When laid gently across your eye area, they have a calming weighted blanket effect.

    Shop Nicola Rowlands lavender eye bags, £20


  • Mustard Monday Cotton PJ Bottoms (with Free Scrunchie)

    The Drop: Mustard Monday PJ Bottoms

    Fact: there’s nothing better than fresh pyjamas. Especially when they’re stylish enough to pass as house trousers for those days when you just can’t be bothered to get properly dressed. These bottoms are available in three unique patterns and a contrasting scrunchie is thrown in for extra measure.

    Shop Mustard Monday cotton PJ bottoms with free scrunchie, £29


  • Eclat Skin London Rose Blossom Hydro-Gel Eye Pads

    The Drop: Eclat Skin London Rose Blossom Glow Hydro Gel Eye Pads

    Designed to awaken your under-eyes and reduce visible signs of fatigue, the pads are filled with antioxidant-rich flower extract serum that feels cool on the skin. Key ingredients include paeonia albiflora flower extract and rhodiola rosea root extract, which have antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals. Simply apply and take 15 minutes to escape the day. 

    Shop Eclat Skin London rose blossom hydro-gel eye pads, £10

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  • Soak Sunday Rose Utopia Botanical Bath Soak

    The Drop: Soak Sunday Bath Soak

    Soak Sunday’s vegan Rose Utopia Botanical Bath Soak is the at-home spa experience you’ve been hoping for. Relax with indulgent Himalayan salt filled with magnesium and potassium to detoxify, refine and soothe your skin and soul; lavender and red rose petals to calm, sage to clarify the mind and jasmine to melt away cares.

    Shop Soak Sunday Rose Utopia Botanical Bath Soak, £12.60

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  • Fox & Taylor Eco Vegan Silk Serenity Pyjama Set

    The Drop: Fox & Taylor Silk Pyjama Set

    With a career designing for some of the world’s most luxe lingerie brands, Michelle Buttery’s designs are multifunctional and can be worn to sleep, lounge or socialise. The T-shirt has Fox & Taylor’s morning mantra “trust. breath. believe. receive” on the front. The brand is also donating £1 from each sale to the UK-based mental health charity Mind. 

    Shop Fox & Taylor eco vegan silk serenity pyjama set, £45.99

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  • Leaves and Flowers Skin Sleep Cream

    The Drop: Leaves & Flowers Skin Sleep Cream

    Leaves and Flowers is a luxury skincare line that harnesses the power of nature, including CBD. Their Skin Sleep Cream has earned serious plaudits from across the beauty industry. With a special price for The Drop by Stylist, this multifunctional overnight treatment is a nourishing balm texture formulated with a powerful combination of 200mg CBD, plankton extract and bespoke Bulgarian rose.

    Shop Leaves and Flowers skin sleep cream, £36

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  • Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist

    The Drop: Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist

    Scientifically formulated to support each stage of your sleep cycle, this mist is a soothing bedtime ritual which imbues linens with a serene natural fragrance, to nurture a tranquil mind and a restorative sleep.

    Shop Olverum restful sleep pillow mist, £23

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  • Nightire Organic Bamboo Eye Mask

    Nightire Organic Bamboo Eye Masks

    Nightire’s organic bamboo mask blocks out light, blue screens and the rest of the world. Lightweight and breathable, these beauties are the perfect partner to a good snooze.

    Shop Nightire organic bamboo eye mask, £15

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Images: courtesy of brands

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