Squeeze pouches of fruit puree for children: More likely to be unhealthy!

Quetschies for babies and young children: Practical but not a good idea

Sounds good: babies and small children, the fruit do not eat so much, just press it a squeeze pouch of fruit puree in the Hand and has disposed of the issue. Unfortunately, no.

Fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances, but not all children love fruit, and many parents shy away from the conflict. So why not a trendy “Quetschie“ buy, screw-on, ready? The German society for child and adolescent medicine has recently recommended in its opinion, from squeeze pouches for babies.

For Quetschies various varieties purees Fruit in plastic bags with a screw cap Packed. If you come with children, even in the case of small fruit muffles. The design is fun with bright colors and the bags can be well in the bag take. This makes them ideal for on-the-go.

The fruit pulp itself, or from the glass of comparison is not in Nutritional value than a pure fruit puree from the squeeze pouch. Nevertheless, the fruit pulp has advantages. Children learn to eat from with the spoon, and are not supplied by the way with food. Turning to the child, speaks with him and gives him attention. This is important for a good development. In addition, the children can see what they are eating. The pinch bag on the other hand, neither for the children nor the parents realize what is included in it. Slightly older children can learn about different fruit species and their different colors and flavors only know, if you can see the fruit puree.

Also, with a view to the dental health of the pinch pouch cut to view of child and youth doctors is not good. “Squeeze pouches are for mothers and children is extremely popular. The longer Sucking on the bags, but a caries amplifier, because of the fruit sugar attacks the sensitive milk teeth. Many parents do not bewusst“, Professor Berthold Koletzko, an expert of the network are Healthy to consider. In addition, from the first year of life with the first teeth, the eating of soft, fresh fruit trains the masticatory muscles. Due to the stress on the masticatory muscles of the mouth motor skills are enhanced. This promotes the learn to Speak the children. This effect remains when vacuuming pureed fruit.

Then the price would be: Quetschies are twice as expensive as a glass of and about four to five times more expensive than an Apple. Last but not least: Fresh fruit can be tackled purchased, and thus avoids a lot of packaging waste. Britta Klein, bzfe