Stomach bloating: Want to beat the bloat? Five reasons you should take digestive enzymes

Stomach bloating: Dr. Oz advises on how to 'beat the bloat'

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Although it may seem simple, digestion is a complicated process for the human body. As you age, the digestive system will start to slow down and become sluggish, leaving you with a whole host of digestive issues including cramps, wind, and toilet troubles. In recent years, digestive enzymes have become popular to manage these symptoms, helping to break down difficult-to-digest foods and enhance absorption of nutrition.

To shed some light on the benefits of digestive enzymes, Robert Thorp, nutritionist and founder of Vite Naturals (, explains how they could benefit you.

The first way is they can help beat the bloat

Rob explained: “Most carbohydrates, including bread, rice, or pasta, and foods high in cellulose (i.e. many vegetables), can be difficult to digest. If undigested food particles remain in the gut for a prolonged period, they will begin to ferment and putrefy, which can cause that uncomfortable bloating feeling.

“Regularly taking a digestive enzyme could help to improve the digestion of these foods and as a result, prevent bloating.”

2. Curb constipation

Constipation is a common side effect when foods are not digested properly.

Rob said: “Constipation is typically associated with meals that are high in fat or protein, which contain complex nutrients that require an effective digestive system to help break them down easily. The incomplete digestion of foods can lead to a build-up of waste in the colon, making it increasingly difficult to absorb any nutrients and increases the possibility of constipation.

“Digestive enzymes can help you to avoid this as they help your body to digest these foods before they even reach the colon.”

3. Boost energy

Have you ever wondered why a heavy meal can sometimes leave you feeling sluggish and tired? In order to digest your meal effectively, the digestive system needs to expend a significant amount of energy.

Rob said: “Approximately 70-80 percent of the body’s vital energy reserves is spent on digestion alone, thus proving what a tiresome job this really is.

“Digestive enzymes can help to aid this process, and in turn, can free up energy reserves for other important bodily processes.

“An effective way to boost your energy and look after your digestive system is smart supplementation.

“Try Vite Body, a new range of capsules and snack bars which combine probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to support and aid your immune and digestive systems to function optimally and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.”

4. Alleviate indigestion

Most individuals will suffer with indigestion at some point in their lives.

Rob said: “Although indigestion is typically harmless, it can cause huge discomfort and pain for sufferers, and is often caused by the acid in your stomach irritating either your throat or stomach lining.

“Indigestion is typically related to dietary choices and may be triggered by certain food or drink, most commonly fatty, greasy, or spicy foods, or too much caffeine, alcohol, or fizzy drinks.

“A digestive enzyme can help to alleviate symptoms of indigestion by ensuring these foods are broken down properly.”

5. Prevent wind

Typically caused by the consumption of beans and pulses, such as chickpeas and lentils, wind can be a very unpleasant and embarrassing symptom for many.

Rob explained: “Wind is often caused due to a deficiency or absence of a specific digestive enzyme which is required to effectively break down these foods. When these foods are not broken down, they are stored in the gut and can begin to ferment which is why you may feel the need to pass wind.

“Taking a digestive enzyme on a regular basis can make it easier for the digestive system to break down these foods.

“Unsure which digestive enzyme is right for you? Try the Vite body range; enriched with a balance of prebiotic fibre, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Choose between a tasty snack bar or a once-a-day supplement for optimum results.”

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