Synesthesia: a condition in which you can taste sound and hear color

Have you ever thought about the environment? How does it taste? What color? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, you can be one of the few people with synesthesia, a neurological condition which causes the brain to confuse senses, which normally are not connected.

While a regular person listens to music and hears a song, a synesthet can listen to music, but to see color, or have a steak and hear the sound. According to Harvard medical school, only one percent of the population has synesthesia. Among the famous synesthetes Vladimir Nabokov, Pharrell Williams and Marilyn Monroe.

What is synesthesia?

Synesthesia is an automatic and involuntary Union of the senses. One of the most common ways of manifestation, when people link the numbers, months and days of the week with colors. For example, the July for them dark blue and the number three is yellow.

Each synesthete different perception withthere are approximately 60 varieties of the condition, so one person can see the red Tuesday and another to consider him white. The state can shape all sorts of strange touch, such as sounds, tastes, colors, sounds, assigning personalities to numbers and, in some cases, even the feeling of physical pain of the other.

Many people with synesthesia may not realize that they have it, thinking that their perception of normal. For them it may be a surprise that not all Mart tastes like custard.

What is causing the condition?

Pharrell Williams famous synesthet

The exact cause of synesthesia is unknown, but studies claim that it occurs when areas of the brain that are next to each other, intertwined. The most common form of synesthesia is grapheme-color, in which people associate words with colors. In these cases, it is likely that the area of the brain responsible for processing language and the colors that are next to each other, partially merged.

More recently, studies have associated this condition with certain genes, but scientists believe that synesthesia can be inherited. It is believed that it develops in childhood.

How synesthesia affects a person’s life?

A synesthete think its as a gift because it allows them to see the world differently that can improve creative or intellectual abilities.

For example, Pharrell Williams attributes his success in music, synesthesia, telling Psychology Today:

Each color has a sound, vibration, human body part, number, musical note.

Singer Lord also notes the participation of synesthesia in his career, explaining that it was her inspiration during the writing of the last album:

A song about parties in a particular color, and sad songs also its color.

Is it possible to disable the status?

Synesthesia is an automatic neurological condition and cannot be turned off at will. Here is what Simon Baron-Cohen, who studies synesthesia at the University of Cambridge

If you ask synesthete whether they want to get rid of your condition, the more likely you will hear the answer is no. For such people it is normal. If you take away his synesthetes, they would feel that they are deprived of any sense.