The Achilles heel for new colorectal cancer therapy: researchers tumor to destroy cells

Colorectal cancer is the world suffer one of the most common cancer. About six percent of all Germans suffer in the course of their lives. Well, the half dies of the tumor suffering. Although colon cancer is considered highly treatable, if the disease is at an early enough stage to be detected.

Colorectal cancer: approach to new treatment

Hope now, a new therapy approach of cancer researchers at the Julius-Maximilians-University (JMU) in Würzburg. You have identified a possible starting point for a new treatment, the cancer cells can be destroyed.

Of a "The Achilles heel of Tumorzellen" talk to the scientist they mean a vulnerability in the tumors, the Antitumor drugs, which would need to be developed for new, may very well work.

This weak the Gene with the name eIF2B5 is, therefore, as the researchers in the journal "Nature Cell Biology" reports.

In their attempts, they found that mutated colorectal cancer were dying cells, if they reduced the amount of that gene. Healthy cells absorbed by contrast, the inhibition of the gene without any adverse effect.

Thus, the researchers have found exactly what you were looking for: “We wanted to find genes that only for the Survival of cells with APC Mutation are important, but not to healthy cells”, explains Dr. Armin cradle ring, head of a Junior research group at the Biozentrum of the JMU and a senior physician in the surgery of würzburg University hospital.

Rare bowel cancer

Then sought they had in the cells of the APC gene, which is mutated in almost all cases (90%) of colorectal cancer and, therefore, from the point of view of the scientists good opportunities to develop a broad-spectrum therapeutic approaches.

In the animal experiment showed, therefore, that a elF2B5 inhibition promise a success of the new therapy could be an approach: mice in which the Gene was fully active, diseased according to the researchers, not so fast to colorectal cancer. And if so, then you survived the disease "clearly länger".

In experiments with laboratory-bred miniature tumors (Organoid) died in these tumors, as soon as the amount of the gene eIF2B5 has been reduced.

Researchers want to develop a method to destroy cancer cells

Now, the investigation of further genes is to follow in colon cancer cells, as elF2B5 was only one of five sub-units of the larger eIF2B Genk omplexes, so the cradle ring: “We also want to characterize the other sub-units and check if we find here also a specificity.”

Then, the researchers want to develop a method of eIF2B5 in cancer cells can be reduced. Successful you this, "could ergeben&quot it might be a new Option for therapy;, the hope is that the würzburg scientists.

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