The doctor turns to his colleagues: “all of a Sudden all to play as a virologists”

In many media reports in the Corona of a crisis, Doctors say. But not each of them is an expert on pandemics. The Bavarian doctor Daniel Schölz asks now in a viral Facebook Post to his colleagues: a General practitioner should not play as a virologists.

They are everywhere. Estimates give, car forecasts, criticize the decisions of the policy. Physicians in the current Corona-crisis probably heard more than ever before, especially in the media. In the case of a complex challenge as these experts are in particular demand.

Radiologist talks about Corona-pandemic – does that make sense?

But: Not every doctor is really a expert on viruses and pandemics. The German chief of the medical Association’s Frank Ulrich Montgomery, the logs in the crisis like to say in Interviews, for example, is a radiologist. Someone understands the Corona pandemic?

No, says Daniel Schölz. The doctor in the Bavarian town of Rotenburg Ob der Tauber has practiced in a hundreds of shared Facebook Post extensive criticism of colleagues, the stage in the current crisis, as experts.

“In the last few months, Pneumologists, have, microbiologists (has actually nothing to do with Virology to), ENT Doctors and General practitioners as a virologists up,” writes Schölz. “All of these colleagues outside of your area of expertise your opinion of Sars-Cov-2, have know much about Virology as I did. And I’m a surgeon.“

Schölz: “Would be absurd”

Because, Scholz explains: “In the last 30 years, there was a previously hardly imaginable specialization in the various areas. Every doctor in his area of expertise is exactly trained well. In his area of expertise.“

Outside of the subject, it is under Doctors actually common to get advice from colleagues who know the better. “I as a surgeon with a patient, an ENT Problem, don’t just Tinker, I own it, but send the patient to the ENT doctor.” An ENT doctor treat again, no broken bones. “Would be absurd,” notes Schölz.

“With appendicitis to the eye doctor”

The Council of the surgeon: “If I want to know, if someone asks me, I look on the website of the RKI. Or look at the side of a virologist who is familiar with Sars-Cov-2.“ It is important to listen to the actual experts belonging to, “not to those who open the mouth, just because you 'Arzt' are.“ Because, adds Schölz: “you wouldn’t with an appendicitis not go to the eye doctor.”

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