The strength of the handshake say about the state of the heart

The strength of a handshake can help to identify problemyw state of heart, this is indicated by observations, which were attended by 140 thousand people from 14 countries. According to the report, which was done by the researchers, weakening the strength of the handshake indicates an increased risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

For several years scientists measured the volunteers the power of the handshake and the condition of the heart. The correlation was obvious. The weakening of the handshake has consistently talked about the deterioration in the heart, and with the age of the subjects, this pattern was shown more clearly.

In particular, scientists noted that if the 25-year-old woman have the finger strength of the hands of about 34 kilograms, 70-year-old age this indicator decreases to 25 pounds. Men have similar options costabilizer 54 and 37.

The weakening of the handshake, as established researchers, not just talking about the weakening of the heart, but also correlated with dangerous diseases.

“Reducing the strength of the handshake 5 kg is comparable to the increase in the probability of early death by 16%, the risk of heart attack by 17%, stroke by 9%,” – said the scientists.
How the deterioration in the condition of the heart and weak handshake, is unclear. According to the authors of the study, possibly due to reduction in elasticity of the arteries and disruption of the heart begin to function poorly the muscles of the fingers. You need to understand whether training for strength of a handshake can have a positive impact on the state of the myocardium.

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