There’s a lot went wrong: For many returnees, Corona Tests are practically useless

Every day thousands of returnees to the test stations on the Coronavirus test. Actually, the test result should be available by no later than 24 hours. Often, however, it may take significantly longer. Many of the returnees have received your test results never.

Is that in Bavaria the case, as the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported. "People can have voluntary testing, had to, unfortunately, no longer on their findings warten", so the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) to the newspaper.

It also States on the part of the LGL: "There’s a lot went wrong. Many of the findings have not been sent, because the assignment of the Tests did not work to the patient."

The longer the test result needs, the more useless it is

People who have a test result, could learn about a Hotline set up by the LGL, the "FAZ"-Report. However, there are apparently still problems. Some of the Tests are simply not be found.

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The longer the test result can, however, have to wait, the more useless it is. Finally, about a Person who waits seven days on your test result, at this time already have been infected, and yet a negative result can get. At the same time, you can’t have in these seven days, more and more people get infected, particularly, if you noticed, the infection itself does, i.e. shows no symptoms, and therefore not in self-isolation goes.

Tests for travellers returning from high-risk areas from Saturday compulsory

In Bavaria have so far, around 50,000 travellers returning voluntarily to the Coronavirus test. Last Sunday, there were about 18,000. This is a significant increase. At Munich airport alone, so far 13.771 smears had been taken, said Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) during a visit to the local test centre on Friday. Also on the grid, the demand is sites big. Accordingly, the center of the highway 3 let alone the test last a day, around 2000 people to test.

The Problem: Starting next Saturday, Corona-Tests for travellers returning from high-risk areas nationwide, mandatory. Then, the demand is expected to pick up significantly once again. If the LGL can keep up, remains to be seen.

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Where travelers in Bavaria, testing,

In Bavaria, all travelers can since 25. July on arrival at the airports of Munich and Nuremberg voluntary test, since the 30. July is also the main station of Munich and Nuremberg stations, as well as to the motorway Hochfelln-Nord (A8), the Inntal Ost (A93) and the Danube valley-East (A3) sites. At the beginning of August has also established a testing center at the airport Memmingen.

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