This signs of cancer You shouldn’t ignore! Video

Cancer can show itself through countless notes. However, many people do not take seriously the potential warning signs. Symptoms of cancer can also be often less severe disease images close. Some of these signs, you should check with a doctor.

There are many signs that can indicate a tumor disease: persistent cough, lumps in the breast, blood in the stool or urine, swollen lymph nodes, unexplained weight loss and seemingly groundless-lasting pain.

Another sign is the most Affected to ignore: Also, a change in the finger nails can indicate a tumor disease. In particular, thickened or split nails, or sudden curves can be a warning sign for lung cancer.

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Oxygen deficiency is shown by crystal nails

The so-called watch-glass nails are a sign of chronic oxygen deficiency can be caused by a bronchial carcinoma.

Localized dark discoloration under the nail are usually cast only a blood. However, there are also black skin cancer behind it. If you discover any of these symptoms, you should ask a doctor for advice.

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