Turmeric helps in heart failure

A study by American scientists from the University of Nebraska in Omaha showed that turmeric may be highly beneficial for heart health and, in particular, to help in heart failure. The arguments of the experts on this account published Journal of Applied Physiology.

The researchers discovered that the main component of the famous spice – curcumin – stimulates the activity of the gene Nrf2, responsible for dealing with oxidative components in the muscles. It was found during the observation of the action of this substance on mice with disorders of the circulatory system, such as those that exist in people with heart failure.

In the skin of mice was sewn a special pump, which pumped in their body a small dose of curcumin. Five months later this effects of turmeric in animals with heart failure had markedly improve the heart muscle.
Rodents began to run more long distances, while the speed of running increased. That is symptomatic animals from the control group, not suffering from heart failure and treated with turmeric showed similar progress, testifying to the endurance of cerlca – also started to run longer and faster.

In the end, the sponsors stated that “turmeric can be used to improve heart health and endurance of a man.” Recall that previous studies have shown that curcumin helps the body fight inflammation and related diseases, and protects from blindness and dementia.

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