Vitamin D and omega-3 does not protect against cancer and heart attack

Contrary to popular belief vitamin D and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids do not protect against the development of cancer and heart attack – to such conclusion came American scientists from Harvard and the Brigham. In favor of this opinion is indicated by the results of the experiment.

Can vitamin D and omega-3 do to protect against the appearance of cancer, cardiovascular problems and stroke in the average person? To answer this question, 25 thousand people aged 50 years without cancer and heart problems have been the object of observation of scientists.

For each of the participants was calculated from individual daily dose of vitamin D and omega-3. Part of the subjects took them for five years. In one group of people consumed vitamin D, while the second took omega-3, the third used a placebo.

Very often it is argued that omega-3’s are an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases including heart attack protect. This same ability is ascribed to vitamin D. furthermore, it was argued that vitamin D prevents the growth of cancer cells. However, scientists who tried to ensure that vitamin D and omega-3 may protect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases, have only seen that it is not. In five years, the intake of these substances have not yielded significant prophylactic effect.

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