Walking the dog is fraught with the infection of toxocariasis

Research of Russian scientists and Parasitologists have shown that walking the dogs could become infected with toxocariasis: every fifth walk with the dog ends home invasion people of causative agents of parasitic diseases toxocariasis, dangerous to the health of the eyes and other organs. The arguments of experts published the journal Veterinary Parasitology.

The work, led by Alexander Khrustalev of the Institute of Parasitology of animals in Moscow, allowed us to learn as often on the soles of the feet and shoes of dog owners and dog paws, and also among people who do not have Pets, there are eggs of nematodes Toxocara. These parasites are dangerous because it can penetrate into the lungs and liver of man, which is fraught with development of chronic inflammatory processes in the organs.

It turned out that there is a big difference between the risk of Contracting toxocariasis from dog lovers and people living without dogs. According to scientists, “eggs Toxocara met on the soles of every tenth samokovlija or on the feet of every five dogs, and was absent on the shoes of all participants, who did not have Pets.” Thus, after each fifth walking the dog in the house with the pet and his owners shoes get eggs Toxocara. Experts warn that Toxocara tend to accumulate in the body, which is fraught with systemic problems in the organs. If the parasite manages to get inside of the organs of vision, it can cause severe inflammation of the eyes.

“Even healthy, not infested animals can participate in the spread of worms and to be a risk factor for infection of human toxocariasis,”- said Alexander Khrustalev.
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