Watch this patient have a plastic CLOTHES TAG removed from their ear

Gruesome video shows the moment wax and a plastic CLOTHES TAG are removed from inside a patient’s ear after perforating their eardrum

  • Mr Neel Raithatha, aka the Wax Whisperer, made the video at his clinic
  • The patient’s eardrum was perforated by the pressure of the wax and plastic
  • Mr Raithatha said he has also pulled pen lids and earrings from people’s ears

A gruesome video has shown the moment huge chunks of wax and a plastic clothes tag were pulled out of a patient’s ear.

At first, the unnamed person’s appears to be just blocked with a large piece of wax.

But as the audiologist delves deeper into the canal, he comes across the mysterious piece of plastic.

Needing to use forceps to pull the object out, it is revealed the person’s eardrum was perforated by the amount of debris in their ear.

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The video begins with large chunks of black and brown wax being removed from the unnamed patient’s ear, with the ear, nose and throat specialist using a vacuum tool to do it

When the wax has been removed, audiologist Mr Raithatha of the Hear Clinic in Leicestershire, discovers a piece of plastic lodged in the ear canal which has, along with the pressure of the wax build-up, perforated the patient’s eardrum

The video was filmed by ear, nose and throat specialist Neil Raithatha of the Hear Clinic in Leicestershire.

He can, at the beginning, be seen using a vacuum tool to suck chunks of black and brown wax out of the ear.

But after these have been removed, the plastic appears underneath and Mr Raithatha switches to a pair of crocodile forceps in order to remove it.

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Mr Raithatha, known online as the Wax Whisperer for his videos of cleaning out people’s ears, said he was at first confused about what the object was.

It turned out to be a barb tag – a small cylindrical piece of plastic which is used to attach shop labels to items of clothing.

‘I discovered a mystery plastic object embedded within the earwax which was situated deep in the ear canal,’ said Mr Raithatha.

‘I had to use crocodile forceps to safely extract the object from out of the ear.’

Tests showed the patient – of whom no details are known – had a perforated eardrum, believe to have been caused by pressure from the wax and plastic.

Mr Raithatha added: ‘I was left scratching my head trying to fathom what the mystery plastic object was and how it managed to become embedded unnoticed inside the earwax.’

But he admitted it is not the only unusual item he has found to have made a home inside someone’s ear.

‘Using the Clearwax iCLEARscope,’ he said, ‘I have previously removed a pen cap, earrings, 22 wax filters as well as cotton buds from a patients ear canal!’ 

The piece of plastic later turned out to be a barb tag – a small piece of plastic used to attach shop labels to items of clothing


There have been recent cases of cockroaches getting stuck in people’s ear canals.

In one, an unnamed woman in Guatemala visited a volunteer fire station near her house complaining of dizziness and headaches.

On closer inspection medics there found a dead cockroach lodged in her ear and removed it with tweezers.

They posted a video online of the grotesque removal with the caption ‘You will sleep well tonight!’

A Florida woman also made the same  stomach-churning discovery, and doctors didn’t manage to remove the entire insect for nine days.

One expert told National Geographic in 2017: ‘It’s actually not an uncommon phenomenon to have a cockroach in the ear.

‘Roaches are searching for food everywhere, and earwax might be appealing to them.

‘A roach could go in to explore and then get stuck.’

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