Whitney Way Thore Slams Body Shamers Who Accuse Her of Photoshop: I ‘Never Manipulate My Photos’

Whitney Way Thore has the receipts.

After people on Instagram accused her of photoshopping one of her photos to “look thinner,” the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life posted a screenshot of her camera roll as proof that she didn’t edit anything.

The original photo, posted on Friday, was of her and her boyfriend to celebrate his birthday. But after all the negative comments Thore, 35, posted her proof a day later.

“Sometimes the internet KILLS ME,” she wrote. “In my last post I was trying to celebrate my boo’s birthday (thank you for all the sweet compliments and birthday wishes for @severinbro7!) but I keep seeing accusations of me using photoshop.”

Thore typically gets comments accusing her of being too fat, so this was a new one for her.

“I’m not sorry my face doesn’t always look as fat as you want it to,” she said. “I will never, NEVER manipulate my photos digitally to make myself look thinner. So here ya go, straight from the camera roll. You’re welcome for the cleavage pic, too.”

Thore told PEOPLE in April that people are constantly criticizing her, even as her weight goes down. Over the last year, she’s “unintentionally” lost 50 lbs. with her new workout routine, but the people who tell her to lose weight still complain.

“They don’t want to see you working out, and it’s so ridiculous because the people who maintain that I should lose weight should be applauding me, if that’s what they think I should do, and yet they still find a way to criticize me,” she said. “It’s just fat phobia and I don’t listen to it.”

Thore said that her weekly workouts — a mix of CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting and her NoBS Active Program — are for her overall health, not to lose weight.

“The thing is, exercise is a healthy behavior, it’s something you can do or not do,” she said. “Whereas losing weight is not a behavior that you can just do. You can lose weight or you can not, but regardless exercise will benefit you in a million other ways.”

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