Who is generation X and why does self-isolating come so easy to them?

There’s a scene in animated film Ratatouille where the rat-cum-chef infested kitchen is manically trying to get dinners in order while unaware customers are enjoying their posh meal.

The juxtaposition is immortalised in a TikTok trend and at the moment, the two varying situations captured feel akin to the generational attitudes to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the chefs – generation Z, baby boomers and their arch enemies, millennials – try their hardest to self-isolate, the precautionary measure is coming naturally to their counterparts – generation X – or, the diners.

As health officials are encouraging people to practice social distancing – in order to control the coronavirus outbreak, gen X thinks they are uniquely prepared to deal with the situation.

Those belonging to the cohort is anyone born between 1965 and 1980.

Known as the forgotten generation, these people – now aged between 40 and 55 – were often left alone as children while their parents worked.

So the idea of being in solitude isn’t wholly new to them.

Another person chimed: ‘Boomers are going out; Millennials are going out. The only people staying in taking this seriously is the one generation that always gets forgotten about. Gen X will no longer be invisible because they will be the only ones left.’

Thank you Gen X for showing us how it’s done.

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