Without medications can be cured

An increasing number of scientists from different countries recognizes the possibility of self-healing without medication. Their conclusions are based on scientific experiments using a placebo.

Thus, in the framework of the research doctors from the United States administered to patients who applied to them with complaints, not threatening their lives, “medical dummy”, which does not contain in itself of drugs, the so – called placebo. They are some kind of imitation of the medication as a result of man’s faith in the power of the drug he has in fact improved state of health and pass the disease. It is noted that a placebo was administered even in situations with such disease, when the patient was in need of strong pain medicines.

One of the followers of the concept, suggesting the possibility of self-healing without medication, the scientist Peter Levine noted that the human body is built the ability to regulate and heal, but people, instead of listening to your body, inhibit the pain by means of pharmaceutical products. Clinical psychiatrist compared it with the driver off a light bulb in the car, signaling the need to replace the oil in the vehicle, and continue driving, instead of their desired car procedure. “The return of health possible, and this requires changing their attitude to the situation,” – said the expert.

Another researcher, deb Shapiro, jointly and severally with Peter Levin, believing that man himself is the key to their health. He also stressed that the main thing – to learn to distinguish the feed body signals, not pandering to the emotions.

Mentioned scientists do not detract from the great importance for good health and good health nutrition, regular physical activity, adequate sleep and a calm attitude to stressful situations.