Woman thinks she’s in menopause, but then it dies almost to a Sepsis

As Jessica Middour hot flashes got, she thought, first of all, you would be in menopause. Shortly after, the 46-collapsed-Year-old, however. The real reason for your condition: Sepsis. Now she wants to warn others – because the signs of blood poisoning are often considered to be harmless dismissed.

2015 American Jessica Middour brought her mother to a hospital, where she had a scheduled appointment for surgery. But not only her mother was in need of medical support – also Middour self it was not that day well. The sickness feeling that you felt, and the increasingly frequent hot flushes from the fact, however, as the beginning of the end of menopause. Until it collapsed in the waiting room.

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Middour had a Sepsis

After numerous examinations, Doctors found the real reason for your condition: Jessica Middour suffered from a Sepsis, a blood poisoning. A urinary tract infection had triggered. For a week she struggled in the hospital to your life. Luck in the misfortune was that it was on this day exactly there: "Would have happened to me at home, I would be today, on Leben", she tells the "DailyMail".

But only a year and a half later, Middour noticed the same symptoms. A urinary tract infection, a Sepsis. And then a third Time, at the beginning of 2017. At that time, it was even so bad that she thought her last hour had struck – the mother and wife adopted even by her family. However, these Sepsis, she survived.

After the third Sepsis Middour had to give up your Job

Your Job had to give up the former Bank employee, however, because she felt now weak and tired, and also constant pain in her joints had. Therefore, you don’t want to encourage with your story for others to be familiar with the possible symptoms of blood poisoning, but also to take seriously – and not to be afraid of in case of in front of it, to the doctor to ask if these symptoms could indicate Sepsis.

Anyone who suspects they may have blood poisoning, you should immediately call the emergency medical.

If you or your family members had Sepsis and help or advice can contact the Sepsis help. Here you can talk with people who have been of Sepsis affected. You can reach the members of the Association under the 0700-73774700 (fixed costs) of 8-21 hours.

Should you wish to help to make the subject of Sepsis is known, you can support the Sepsis Foundation with a donation or become active yourself.

70,000 Germans die each year from Sepsis

In Germany, Sepsis is always an issue. 280,000 people suffer in this country a year, a blood poisoning – one in four dies of the disease, such as Sepsis Foundation reported. And often, because the signs are recognized too late. Most people do not know that it is not only an open wound can cause blood poisoning. In the same way as in the case of Jessica Middour, especially infectious diseases, can lead to Sepsis and secondary urinary tract infections, for example flu.

Sepsis: these are the symptoms

Anyone who has observed the following symptoms, should be alert:

  • Fever
  • acute confusion
  • Shortness of breath
  • low or decreasing blood pressure
  • rapid pulse

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Sepsis is a medical emergency and must be treated immediately. With every hour, without medical care, the risk of death increases by seven percent. A degree of protection against blood poisoning vaccinations against influenza virus and pneumococcal grant. Because pneumonia and influenza are the most common trigger of Sepsis.

75,000 in Sepsis Deaths in the year: researchers develop revolutionary diagnostic method

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