12 essential things in the season of colds and flu Likar.Info

Cold bring sneezing, coughing and a terrible runny nose. In other words,the flu! In autumn and winter the risk of Contracting them are much higher, so it is important to take care of his defense. Always keep these 12 predelivery yourself to stay healthy in the season of a raging virus.

Disinfectant for hands

An absolute must-have! Disinfectant for hands is something that should always be at hand. It not only effectively gets rid of bacteria on the hands, but also requires much less time than hand washing. The only problem is that it may slightly dry your skin, so try to find a remedy with aloe Vera, which has moisturizing properties.

Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which help boost the immune system and reduce any inflammation in the body. This makes it a great helper in the fight against many diseases, including colds and flu. Just make sure you do not add sugar.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is something that must be taken when the first symptoms of the disease, if you don’t want a tickle in my throat has grown into something more serious. During cold and flu season be sure to keep the immune system products and supplements with vitamin C.


A high level of hydration promotes the excretion of mucus from the nose and throat, as well as proper functioning of all organs and systems. You can continue to drink coffee, tea or juice during the day, but don’t forget about water, because it is the best way to maintain the water balance in the body.

Eucalyptus oil

There are several essential oils that ease symptoms of the flu. Eucalyptus is one of them! This oil is antibacterial, meaning that it kills harmful bacteria trapped in your body. If you have a cough, massage movements RUB the eucalyptus oil on the chest and neck to relieve the symptom.


Plain yogurt contains probiotics, which increase the protection of your organism against viruses. Just make sure to choose unsweetened yogurt. As in the case of tea, it is not necessary to increase the consumption of sugar when you are trying to prevent the flu.

Wipes to clean the screen

It is recommended to clean computer screen and keyboard at work at least once a day. You think it’s too much? Just imagine how much bacteria accumulates on your hands during the day. The more often you touch the computer, the more bacteria it will. So several times a day clean the screen of your computer, phone and Desk.

Jacket (or blanket)

The flu is more active at low temperatures. Do everything you can to avoid peremerzaniya. Dress warm, even if you have a fever. But at home, use a warm blanket, even paired with sertanense.

Salt water

Discomfort in the throat? This does not necessarily mean that you contracted the flu, but it is better to start the treatment. Rinse your mouth with salt water a couple times a dayto relieve pain. And be sure to take vitamin C to speed recovery.


Believe it or not, stress can have a huge impact on your chances of getting sick. When the stress hormone is at a high level, the immune system gets out of control. Have you ever been sick after a hard week at work? The relationship is not coincidental. Try to keep stressful situations away, and always have at hand the dice-stress that will help distract you. We also recommend to talk to your doctor who will suggest other methods of dealing with stress.

Supplements to boost immune system

Vitamin D can activate your immune defenses and help the body fight off infections. Think that getting enough vitamin D when you go out? But in the winter the sun is not as active. In addition, walking is unlikely to help, if you have a deficiency of vitamin D. Nutritionists recommend getting vitamin D from supplements or dietary sources (oily fish, cheese, eggs, etc.).

Jump rope

Jump rope is considered a high-intensity workout, which is exactly what you need to prevent disease. Physical activity, in General, improves the immune system, but intense exercise does it more efficiently. Note that in practice only when you feel well. If you are already sick, it is better to postpone the training for another time.