4 popular product that is not suitable for daily use

These products are popular, they are present on the table of the average Russian, and are sometimes used daily. But experts in the field of healthy food say that daily consumption of such products is fraught with more harm, campolesi.

In particular, a product which according to scientists is not suitable for use every day, is meat – pork, beef, lamb. Of course, meat supplies the body with the necessary protein, but it does not mean that it guinobatan, experts say. According to them, claireville meat, the body requires of otchasti dowozimy hours. The abuse of meat contribute to the process due to which food in the gut may begin to rot. In turn, the research staff of American Institute forCancer Research shows that daily consumption of red meat can greatly increase a man’s propensity to formation of tumors of jeludke kishechnike. It is especially dangerous to eat meat cooked on an open fire.

Also popular, but not suitable for daily consumption product is sausage. For dannygokey, most sausages contain additives which can contribute to indigestion. Associated with the effect of these additives on the body and the development of diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease,cancer. One of the most dangerous sausage additives experts believe conservatard sodium. The who estimated that the harm from consumption of sausage products for the body comparable to the harm caused by Smoking and alcohol consumption.

In addition, experts do not recommend daily use of potatoes – especially roasted and pureed. Fried potatoes absorb too much oil elisala that much heavier of rabotodateli podjeludochnoi cancer. Mashed potatoes containing butter, Moloko, has a high glycemic index – this dish greatly increases the level of U.S. sugar.

Included in the list of popular products that are not suitable for daily use, and sweet pastries – muffins, cheesecakes, biscuits, etc. According to the conclusion of experts of Institute of nutrition, the muffin is almost devoid of useful components. Daily use of this product may cause the appearance of excess weight, constipation, diabetes serdechno-vascular diseases, warned experts.

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