5 foods that protect against overeating

Almost the main secret of weight loss is its ability as long as possible to maintain the feeling of satiety. And here are 5 natural products that will help to achieve this.

Almonds is an excellent natural appetite suppress. A handful of almonds daily provides daily needs for magnesium, vitamin E and antioxidants. It is very delicious nuts, which prevent overeating.

On the second place in our ranking, avocado fruit, which has gained considerable popularity in Russia. This fruit is rich in fiber, naturally suppressing appetite. Avocado contains fat, send signals to the brain that the stomach is full, eating more is not necessary. The fat in avocado belongs to the category of healthy.

The inclusion of this rating chocolate may sound strange, but the dark variety of this delicacy works wonders. Just a few pieces of dark chocolate will inform the brain about the feeling of satiety, and for a long period. Chocolate slows digestion.

To combat weight gain and weight loss, we certainly need a simple chicken eggs. Consuming eggs every day for Breakfast people are rarely faced with hungry spasms. In General, during the day, such people consume fewer calories.

Well and completes our rating oatmeal which is well known to most Russians. Though many are not with a very great love, this dish really allows you to suppress hunger for a very long time. To the porridge didn’t seem so unpleasant to you, add a certain amount of nuts or fruit. (READ MORE)