5 products with calcium more than milk

Many people know that calcium is important for healthy teeth and bones, and its source is dairy products. But calcium not only strengthens bones, it is also important for muscle function, nervous and cardiovascular systems. In this case, the supplier of valuable mineral is not only milk.

The American dietician Brigitte Zeitlin made in the press with the recommendation to fill the shortage of calcium through milk. According to the expert, there are other healthy foods in which calcium can be even more than milk.

Tofu. One serving of tofu contains about 860 mg of calcium and a great source of essential body minerals. In addition, tofu is rich in protein.

Salmon. 200 grams of salmon is 400 mg of calcium. 200 grams of canned salmon – is 500 mg of calcium. This type of fish is rich in vitamin D, necessary to absorption of calcium.

Sardines. Another super-useful product, in which calcium more than milk. 100 grams of sardines contain about 430 milligrams of calcium.

Chickpeas.This relative of the bean is also characterized by a higher content of calcium. One Cup of chickpeas -more than 300 mg of calcium.

Ricotta.Nutritionists advise to use ricotta cheese along with blueberries, peach, pear, orange or almond – so the body gets more calcium. As all of the above products, ricotta also contains a lot of protein.

“The daily intake of calcium should be between 1000 to 1200 mg. In a Cup of milk contains about 300 mg of calcium. It would seem that you can take calcium tablets, but studies have shown that people taking these supplements two times increases the risk of heart attack,” – said the expert.
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