6 healthy products that do not cure the common cold

Lemons, hot tea, honey and raspberry jam – the typical food set, recommended for the treatment of colds. But do they help in fact, that is the question.

Tea. This drink is useful, no doubt. But do not forget that tea is full of caffeine and has diuretic properties. Active loss of body fluids leads to thickening of the blood, that the cold is not only not a cure, but, on the contrary, worsens the condition. Processes to fight infection, slow down and inhibit the immune response. Those who drinks tea, you need to drink water. Or used to drink herbal teas with sage, thyme or chamomile.

Lemons. Useful in many ways, the lemons may not give the expected therapeutic effect. According to doctors, citric acid irritates the mucosa, which becomes inflamed because of the disease. As a result of slowed her healing.

Garlic. Based on the belief in the healing properties of garlic for colds and flu is unclear, but they are credited with almost magical properties. In fact clear scientific evidence of the effectiveness of garlic for colds, and also to prevent infections, and viruses do not exist. In turn, too much eating garlic causes symptoms of bloating, and can exacerbate symptoms of chronic pancreatitis.

Oranges. The average orange contains the daily norm of vitamin C. But as is consistent with the treatment of colds? The analysis of studies with the participation of 11 thousand people, have shown that ascorbic acid may soften the course of the disease, but a cure is still not working. In addition, the researchers note, Coltrane negatively impact reprocess the body’s absorption of anti-inflammatory drugs, containing acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).

Honey and raspberry jam. There is no dispute in these foods have nutrients. The problem is that for the treatment of colds people begin to eat them in much larger quantities than you need. But the sugar contained in honey and jam, promotes glycation of proteins of the immune that does not allow the antibodies to destroy pathogens. Sweet also contributes to thickening of mucus in organizme that provokes the development of sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia.

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