6 the most useful of dried fruits

Sometimes dried fruit can be a substitute for medication. This was told Russian dietitian-nutritionist Julia Manchuk. According to the expert, in case of illness you should always contact medicam, but dried fruit can be a great Supplement to therapy.

The dried figs. Helps from dry and exhausting cough, beneficial effects naposki, improves the digestive tract. Also, this dried fruit is useful Laserdance-vascular system: for example, figs soothes frequent palpitations, prevents the development of hypertension.

Dried apricots. The substances included vsostav this dried fruit, icesat expand blood vessels – it improves the condition of the kidneys and heart, brain. According to the doctor, rich in magnesium dried apricots can replace expensive drugs with tehostaminen nehuzhe and drugs to cope with stress.

Raisins. This dried fruit is very useful to maintain psycho-emotional health, its use is well protected from outbursts of irritability and anger. Go easy on the raisins should be those who need to strengthen the health of the cardiovascular system, people with anemia.

The prunes. Dried fruit is known for its ability to improve metabolism, intestinal function, and to taciturnitatis pressure.

Dried pineapple. Becoming dried pineapple keeps bromelain rare substance consisting of plant enzymes, is due to its action on the body of the pineapple in the dried fruit makes digestion boretsya vospalitelnaya processes.

Dried cherry. In the form of dried fruit it is useful for the active excretion of inorganism unwanted substances, toxins and chemicals. In addition, dried cherry – otharkivajushchee great antiseptic remedy and also “cure” for seizures.

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