A genetic propensity for stroke: save a healthy lifestyle?

The British Medical Journal published a scientific opinion on whether to save the healthy lifestyle from the brain hitting the person with a genetic propensity to stroke. According to scientific data, the development of stroke at a genetic inclination occurs on 35% more often than in its absence.

“People with a high genetic risk of stroke can reduce the likelihood of occurrence, adhering to a healthy lifestyle” – such conclusion about the impact of HLS was ultimately made by the researchers.
In the course of work, scientists analyzed the ratio of the genetic risk of stroke in people with actual cases of bleeding in the brain. The object of their study were 306 473 men and women aged 40 to 73 years, information about which was contained in the British database of biological data on half a million Biobank.

Specialists monitor information about these people for 7 years. In the end, they stated that the genetic propensity to stroke really makes a person more susceptible to bleeding in the brain, and this pattern does not affect almost nothing. In other words, a healthy lifestyle does not guarantee that a person with a family history of stroke does not happen the impact.

At the same time, doctors found that the neglect of healthy lifestyle and bad habits “66% increase risk of stroke, and for all categories of the genetic risk”. The most dangerous in this respect, the factors they considered factors Smoking and overweight or obesity. Thus, stick to a healthy lifestyle to maintain the health of the brain is still preferable, jokingly they said.

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