Family life brings joy only closer to old age

The study showed that over time a marriage becomes happier. The wife argue less and laugh often.

To many it is hard to believe, but the researchers found that over the years family life has become happier, and the number of conflicts between the spouses is reduced. Replaced family dispute comes humor and understanding. It turns out that strong conflicts characteristic of the initial stage of family relations and the middle when the couple experiences a strong psychological pressure due to problems with finances and need to pay attention to children. But this stress is temporary, as found by American psychologists. The aging husband and wife they start much better to understand and forgive each other.

The results of this study completely overturn the traditional stereotypes about the elderly nagging spouses, who are constantly arguing with each other. In various books and films this couple quarrel endlessly and can’t each other to make what is considered typical and common. However, the authors of this study observed for couples over a 13 year period. In the field of their attention were the couple that was married for 15 to 35 years. Among them was a middle-aged couple (40 to 50 years), whose experience of family life had from 15 years and older men and women aged 60-70 years, who were married at least 35 years. Each of the spouses met three times with an interval of 5 to 6 years. They talked in detail about the causes of conflict in family life, and these stories were recorded on video.

Scientists have analyzed the mental state of his interlocutors, not only through their own stories, but also facial expressions, body language, tones of voice. Emotions are distributed by categories: disgust, anger, dominance, tension, sadness, interest, desire, humor, enthusiasm and understanding. Further analysis showed that marital life is starting to bring much more psychological pleasure. (READ MORE)