Fatty foods should not be consumed for Breakfast

Specialists Macquarie University in Sydney (Australia) carried out a study that showed that fatty foods should not be consumed for Breakfast. According to the results of the experiments of researchers, the use of fatty foods for Breakfast bad effect on glucose metabolism and provoke disturbances in the mechanisms of appetite, contributing to overeating and the appearance of extra weight.

To participate in the experiment were invited 102 people, who were divided into two groups. One of them, the participants regularly consumed at Breakfast fatty foods – a toasted sandwich and a chocolate milkshake.

The results showed that people who ate Breakfast fatty foods, bad felt the saturation and suffered from a relapse of appetite during the day. It turned out that their body occurred negative changes – in particular, they have dulled sensitivity to insulin and increased blood sugar.

According to scientists, the blood sugar levels and appetite are controlled by signals from the hippocampus. When participants were asked to take cognitive tests, they demonstrated that people who ate a Breakfast fatty foods, gave the worst results. It is symptomatic that scientists from Oxford University who conducted the experiment with daily consumption of fatty foods, also found that this habit of constantly eating greasy degrades the performance of tests of memory and cognitive abilities.

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