First aid The most important techniques and rules in a nutshell:

First, aid must not only one who has ever attended a First aid course. Everyone is obliged to help. How to behave properly and what to watch out for.

In Germany First aid is not only a moral duty but also a legal one. Anyone who fails to provide in case of emergency or in case of danger, First aid, commits an offence and risked a sentence of imprisonment of up to one year or a fine (§ 323 c of the criminal code). However, I advise to pay attention to the own safety, because no-one is helped if the brings first responders themselves in danger.

In the case of a traffic accident this means, for example, a safety vest, hazard lights to turn on and move behind the guard rail to the scene of the accident. In order to avoid secondary accidents, you should take care of next to the hedge of the accident site and a warning triangle on the roadside. Where does the warning triangle? On a country road in a distance of 100 meters from the accident, on the motorway, 200 meters far away.

The rescue service to reach first responders under the 112. Until the arrival of the emergency car at the scene of an accident – on average it is about eight minutes – can helper also get telephone support for the First aid. Don’t be Shy should you have to get support, for example, if it is to bring an injured person from a danger zone. Then, once the rescue forces are on site, follow their instructions, and to be withdrawn when it is no longer needed.

To The Person

Tobias Klingelhöfer is a lawyer and for many years as a legal expert for the ARAG. As a guest columnist for FOCUS Online, he informs consumers about their rights and obligations in different life situations.

Rules for the heart-pressure massage

According to the guidelines of the European Council for resuscitation is checked when the person is unconscious, no pulse, but still breathing checked. After all, who is not breathing, has no pulse. The victim is unconscious, belongs to the heart-pressure massage of the most important steps of first aid. In this case, both hands are one above the other on the chest, which is pressed from 100 to 120 Times per Minute with outstretched arms strong so that it descends five to six inches. After each pressure surge of the chest must be relieved completely. Who feels safe to the victim by mouth to mouth or mouth to donations nose Breath until the chest rises. This resuscitation should be performed until the rescue service arrives.

A Defibrillator should be used only if it is in close proximity to, or a accessary can get him. In any case, you should do the cardiac massage interrupt. A step-wise manual can be found in the device.