Giving health quitting caffeine

What are the benefits to human health quitting caffeine? Experts from Switzerland called the 10 most obvious.

Because coffee makes people more excitable and energetic, a reduction in the amount of caffeine in the diet reduces the level of anxiety. And this has a beneficial effect on many functions of the body, including the heart. The less caffeine, the lower the risk of panic attacks. Quitting caffeine improves sleep quality, studies show that excess coffee and other caffeinated beverages can trigger insomnia. A decrease in the consumption of caffeine leads to more efficient absorption of useful nutrients, which include calcium, iron and vitamins B.

Significant advantages of quitting caffeine brings and our teeth become more white and healthy. It is known that coffee and tea change the color of the teeth is not very desirable. In the female body quitting caffeine lead to balance the level of hormones, which is especially important if women threatening conditions such as tumors of the breast, ovaries and endometriosis. Any therapist will confirm that the reduction in the amount of caffeine in the diet reduces blood pressure, and it is necessary for hypertensive patients.

The less diet coffee, the better it is for the brain, because thus is the balancing of chemicals in the body. Consume a minimum of coffee people experience a minimum of headaches. A phenomenon known as caffeine withdrawal when drinking five or six cups of coffee a day people cease to use it altogether because of what suffer from headaches, irritability, fatigue, difficulties in concentration and confusion. Quitting caffeine improves digestion, but most importantly – the less our lives of caffeine, the slower we age and dignified look like in older years. This is because caffeine disrupts the formation of collagen in the body, and this protein is essential for healthy and youthful skin. (READ MORE)