Hector’s friends laugh at his “beer belly” – to the shock diagnosis comes

His belly grew and grew, while the arms and legs were getting thinner and thinner. The 47-year-old Hector Hernandez could not explain how his belly came. His doctor reassured him, however, the American was not satisfied with this, and a second is a repeated opinion.

“I thought I was just fat. I was always a heavier guy.“ So it did not surprise the 47-year-old American, Hector Hernandez was initially too much, as his belly getting bigger and thicker, as he told the Washington Post. But at some point he was but then become suspicious. And that is when he changed his diet, legs, arms, fell, on his belly, but absolutely nothing wanted to do. Instead, the grew, according to Hernandez, so much so that he could “at the end of times more bending over to tie your shoes”.

Friends laughed at him, his doctor ordered him out of the

After all, he had been for his unusual stature, even from Strangers, and his friends constantly raised stares, remembers the Californians. “You were on my huge beer belly funny. I am drinking as well as alcohol,“ he says.

As Hernandez brought in at the end of 136 pounds on the scale, he decided to see a doctor. However, this sent him quickly back home; People would just at different body fat schedule, is simply disposition. With the answer of 47 gave-Year-old is however not satisfied, above all because he suffered in addition to his “heavy and hard belly” in addition, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, constipation, and heartburn.

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Behind the alleged beer belly was a Tumor hiding

He sought a second medical opinion. And got a terrifying diagnosis: Hernandez’ alleged beer belly turned out to be a 35-kilogram so-called “Liposarcoma”. Liposarkome are very rare, malignant tumors of fat tissue. You could develop over years and grow to a considerable size without causing any real problems or pain, explained Hernandez’s treating physician, William Tseng of the “Keck School of Medicine” at the University of Southern California. You should scatter, however, is declining, life expectancy is growing rapidly. Sarcomas (tumors of the soft tissue) make up approximately one percent of all cancers.

Tseng, who has specialized in the treatment of sarcoma, was surprised by Hernandez’s 35 kilos heavy Tumor, reports the Washington Post. “This was by far the Largest I’ve ever seen,” he said. Throughout his career, he removed several dozen, but these had not weighed in on the rule, more than five to a maximum of ten pounds.

Hernandez has lost his stomach in the back and a kidney

In a multi-hour complicated surgery, Hernandez was freed‘ from the massive Tumor. Although he had vessels the large blood and most organs spared, the kidney had been damaged and had to be removed. Nevertheless, the US was lucky-Americans large. He will need no Chemo – or radiation therapy, but only regular check-up appointments to ensure that the Tumor is back again unnoticed. After the SURGERY, Hernandez, as the “Washington Post” quoted felt, the same “the change-up, vivid – and to many, many Kilos lighter”.