How to understand that it is time to see a therapist?

Many are psychotherapists and psychologists with suspicion, saying, why do it, just spend money. You can always talk with friends or to escape from painful thoughts in the work.

Not always. Sometimes the help of a therapist person needs not less than help of a surgeon, ENT or any other doctor. Tell how to understand that that is the case.

The main symptoms of mental disorders

  1. You everything seems to be fine, but for some reason always want to hang myself. Or at least to drop everything and go to the other end of the world.
  2. You live your life. You did not at the University, went the wrong job, marry the wrong person. But for some reason, do not change anything.
  3. The events constantly repeat. Fourth boyfriend is cheating. The new job the same conflict as on the old. All friends tired. Is it the destiny?
  4. You hate yourself. You so stupid, ugly and worthless – what can you do to love?
  5. Recently, you changed. Old hobby, Hobbies and friends ceased to please – and they never came.
  6. You are very tired, absolutely do not want to do. The basic problem (to take out the trash, brush) into the mission for the day.
  7. You are constantly in pain, but tests show that you are healthy.
  8. Appeared insomnia. Or, conversely, the desire to be in bed 24/7.
  9. You do not want to eat or, on the contrary, you constantly overeat.
  10. It was so difficult to focus. At work there were problems
  11. Jump mood. You can cry because of the question “How are you?” or to fall into despair because of the infomercial.
  12. Want to hurt yourself: to scratch, to slit his wrists to burn.
  13. There were thoughts about suicide.

If something from this list has dragged on for more than two weeks, it’s time to see a specialist.

How to figure out who I need: psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist?

If you have experienced grief, can’t make an important decision or just confused in their lives – you to a psychologist. This specialist helps healthy people to understand the problem and find a way out of it, but it does not cure mental disorders.

If you have the signs of depression, anxiety, panic attacks and periodic desire to “go out the window”, sign up to the therapist. This specialist can work with disorders and to prescribe medication.

If you have a strong mental disorder (e.g. major depression), immediately go to a psychiatrist. It usually heals in a hospital, medicines and procedures.

If you are still not sure which specialist you need to contact anyone. Each of them will be able to understand what is happening to you and to redirect to another doctor. The main thing – that the doctor was good. And calculate bad we will help in the article “How to understand that you got a bad therapist?”.