Instant noodles: how much is harmful

It is often demonized along with Cola and chips, instant noodles is considered almost a poison. Meanwhile in the world annually eat 44 billion packages of the noodles. It threatens massive gastritis, ulcers, strokes and cancer? Let’s see what the research say.

What’s in it?

That’s what is usually done is such a noodle:

  • Wheat flour;
  • Palm oil;
  • The modified starch;
  • Salt;
  • Food additive emulsifier (sorbitol, soybean oil, lecithins);
  • Gluten;
  • Complex food additive “premix” (potassium carbonate, guar gum, sodium polyphosphate, Riboflavin);
  • Dried kelp;
  • Seasoning (sugar, yeast extract, vegetable protein, onion, soy sauce powder);
  • Dye “beta-carotene”.

What does it all mean?

Scientists of the Siberian state University analyzed the. And there they came:

At the core is the most useless (but not dangerous) variety of wheat flour. There are a lot of calories, but almost no fiber and vitamins.

Noodles contain preservatives and flavor enhancers: potassium sorbate, benzoate and monosodium glutamate. These additives are harmful when consumed in large quantities. But noodles they are quite small: less than in conventional steak.

Palm oil in reasonable quantities, too, are not dangerous. We talked about it in detail in the article “Palm oil – friend or foe?”.

Modified starch has nothing to genetic engineering, and are permitted even in the production of baby food. He need to the product has become thicker.

Well, gluten is a vegetable protein, which is complete in the bread.

So noodles can you eat?

A healthy person can. Sometimes. Much harm it brings, but use it very little – and, hence, with constant use, the body will receive less nutrients.

Moreover, Japanese scientists warned that the dish contains too many unnatural components. They believe that because of this, the stomach is difficult to digest.

But Harvard experts have found out that women from South Korea increased the risk of heart disease and stroke. Scientists believe that Koreans eat noodles too often – that’s why this is so. But men of such risks was not found.

And who is this dish is contraindicated?

People with any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart and kidneys. Threat not the noodles and the broth: it contains a lot of hot pepper and salt.

And what of this conclusion?

Instant noodles can not replace regular fresh food. If you eat it constantly, in the body, a deficiency of proteins, fats and minerals – and it could trigger the disease. Therefore, priority should always be natural foods.

But otherwise it is not so harmful. Scientists have not yet found any evidence that rare consumption of such noodles is harmful to health.

Pizza, mayonnaise, and butter is also often referred to harmful products. Why is it not so? Told in article “7 “bad” foods that are actually useful”.