Milk contains the hormone estrogen. How dangerous is it?

Scientists from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia conducted a study to find out how safe is cow’s milk that contains estrogen – the female sex hormone. Experts analyzed the number of scientific papers on the subject and came to the conclusion that such milk does not constitute a danger to human health.

The authors of the new researchers delved into the data more than 12 projects studying the problem of the safety of milk that contains estrogen. In particular, it was experiments on rodents, as well as monitoring people who consumed the milk.

As a result, scientists stated: “Neither the rats that received milk with estrogen, nor people who regularly consumed such milk, there has been no increase in the frequency of cancer or reproductive disorders, or other negative effects.”
Experts noted that estrogen is present in cow’s milk in very low concentrations. Chemicalhouse the body felt the influence of this beverage, milk should be drunk in enormous quantities, they said.

Prior to that, in the press and online has repeatedly argued that livestock are actively used hormonal drugs, resulting in cow’s milk increased level of the hormone estrogen, it may adversely affect human health.

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