Shower heads called a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria

If you want to destroy dangerous bacteria in your home, start with the shower heads. Research has shown that it often concentrates the pathogens, which then spread to humans.

In the minds of many of us a warm shower is a hygienic procedure designed to cleanse the body from dirt and bacteria, but sometimes in the shower often is the spread of dangerous microorganisms. The researchers found that many potentially harmful pathogens known as mycobacteria can live on shower heads. Mycobacteria are capable of provoking a non-tubercular mycobacteriosis of the lung, and shower heads in particular are often spread this disease. Pathogens that naturally reside in the earth and in the water, and the body fall through the air after we inhale them.

Experts emphasize that these shower heads provide a so-called aerosol effect, throwing organisms into the atmosphere where they penetrate us in the lungs. That is why, the more we produce disinfection of shower heads, the lower the probability that these dangerous pathogens penetrate into the lungs. We must remember that the pressure with which the heads of flowing water and direction of flow create ideal conditions for bacteria into the air.

Symptoms of nontuberculous mycobacteriosis of the lung include chronic or recurring cough, weight loss, fever and fatigue. The disease requires long and hard enough the portable treatment, and the best solution would be initially to prevent its development. (READ MORE)