To strengthen the immune system is not necessary!

Like yogurt with probiotics, cereals with vitamins and herbs “for immunity”? But scientists say that all this is completely pointless.

What is immunity?

It is a network of organs that protect us from disease. Here they are:

  1. The tonsils and adenoids;
  2. Thymus – the thymus;
  3. Lymph nodes;
  4. Spleen;
  5. Appendix;
  6. Intestinal lamina Tala (the folds of the intestinal wall, in which there are numerous lymph nodes);
  7. Bone marrow

They all produce or accumulate cells-defenders who produce antibodies to bacteria and viruses. These proteins and kill the enemy microorganisms. They are able to “remember” enemies: if the organism re-enters the body, immune cells will defeat it much quicker and easier. Therefore, the work of vaccination.

Why is he reduced?

Scientists are still not clear exactly how the immune system. Yet it is clear that protection of an organism depends on our lifestyle: nutrition, sports, environment, stress levels, Smoking and alcohol consumption. Immunity may also decrease after certain diseases (cancer, pathology of the kidneys and liver) and uncontrolled reception of antibiotics.

How to understand that my immunity has decreased?

There’s a pretty clear indication:

  1. Pustular diseases of the skin – streptoderma, furunculosis, impetigo, etc;.
  2. Frequent (more than 5 times per year) creeping cold;
  3. Depression, mood swings;
  4. Allergies;
  5. TB disease in any form;
  6. The appearance of papillomas;
  7. Fatigue and drowsiness, lack of energy, “pale.”

Can it be improved?

The concept of immunity does not make sense. Too complex is the system and too many cells, organs and tissues it includes to be able to get to work on something specific.

Besides, again, it is not fully understood. What type of immune cells needs to be strengthened, in order not to hurt? What is the number of these cells optimally? Will it be better if done more than is required? Medicine does not know the answers to these questions.

But in advertising they say that lactobacilli and probiotics strengthen the immune system!

Is not that they lie, but the truth of such statements is difficult to call. Yogurt and cereal is basically good. If you start to eat right, it will likely be less sick, and the whole body will have easier. But probiotics are nothing to do with it is pure marketing. A healthy person who is hungry and is taking antibiotics, nothing further do not need to take.

What, then, sit idly by?

Do not have. There are a few guidelines that will help your immune system:

  1. Do the vaccinations;
  2. Eat a varied and balanced;
  3. Sleep well;
  4. Learn to cope with stress or reduce the pace of life;
  5. Exercise and often go out into the fresh air;
  6. Do not ignore the disease are treated on time;
  7. Wash your hands before eating;
  8. Use condoms. When infected by HIV the previous 7 paragraphs become irrelevant;

In fact, we is another great way to strengthen the immune system and generally being a happy person – he is exactly like you. Details – in the article “How dogs make us better, healthier and happier.”