Weak wine may reduce the risk of cancer

According to experts WorldCancerResearchFund, replacement spirits light wines may contribute to reducing the risk of cancer. In particular, this was true for colon cancer.

Experts suggest to prefer light wine strong alcohol, and this Council in the eve of New year and Christmas holidays is especially important.

“Replacing ordinary light or fortified wine with an alcohol content of no higher than 10 %, can increase their protection against certain types of cancer,” stated the experts.
This recommendation was a result of the conducted analysis. The researchers studied data collected in several research projects dealing with the use of alcohol in connection with the development of cancer. Scientists were able to figure out that if instead of a glass of wine alcohol 14% drink a wine with an alcohol 10%, the risk of developing bowel cancer is reduced by seven percent. At the same time, experts emphasize that the day men should be drinking no more than two glasses and women no more than one.

Note that recently, scientists from Harvard University have published interesting information about the impact of alcohol on human health. They discovered that moderate consumption of alcohol contributes to some advantages in the preservation of health. According to Medicforma, the researchers commented on the fact that the influence of small doses of alcohol on the body cannot be unambiguously harmful, as, indeed, and extremely useful.