Yoghurt diet: for health and beauty

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What is yogurt diet?

How useful yogurt diet

When the yogurt? Preconditions for the emergence of diet

What you can eat and drink on yogurt diet

Is it possible to lose weight quickly and without harm to health? There are both more stringent and more lenient diet diet, and to the latter category yoghurt diet. It will not cause harm to women’s health, and to stick to it is not too difficult. In addition, in compliance with all of the recommendations – the result of this diet incredibly happy. Magicforum figured out how to follow the yogurt diet.

What is yogurt diet?

Yoghurt dietis balanced enough. This means that the daily calories, though lower than the recommended (1100 kcal), but it allows you to get the body necessary for health substances. Body weight is dropping slowly but surely.

The dietis based on eating only natural yoghurt to make which can home. Only this product will contain almost all daily necessary substances – proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This yogurt diet is different from many others in which the weight is lost faster, though, but returns just as quickly.

Any system of power that excludes the consumption of sufficient amounts of protein, not only will mean a quick return dropped so hard to pounds but simply can cause irreparable harm. This especially applies to various kinds of fasts and diets that exclude a sufficient number of fats and carbohydrates. Weakness, nausea, near-fainting condition – that what constitutes such a diet.

How useful yogurt diet

Fortunately, the yogurt diet will not only lose weight
but also to maintain well-being. Natural yogurt contains all the necessary body parts. In addition, the system power supply is allowed to vary the diet boiled meat (chicken, rabbit) or fish – no more than 100 grams for lunch.

Many people are in acute need of a hearty meal in the evening hours. In the case where the interval between bedtime and dinner is at least 3 and a half hours, boiled meat you can eat in the evening. As a garnish perfect slicing of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Of course, it is recommended to take food to last up to 18 hours, but it deeply individually, taking into account the occupation and lifestyle of each individual.

The advantages of yogurt diet can be attributed to the fact that while it allowed the use of up to 400 grams of fresh fruit, particularly citrus fruits and green apples. As for fruits with high carbohydrate content (melons, grapes, bananas, watermelon), should be avoided.

When the yogurt? Preconditions for the emergence of diet

There is a misconception that yogurt is relatively recent. In fact, they were known several thousand years ago BC. It is believed that this product was present even Greek feasts. Used it and the Romans.

A more modern version of yogurt originated in the 19th century in Bulgaria. It was created by engineer Mechnikov on the Balkan Peninsula, and it became the basis of special bacteria.

As for the yogurt diet, it was first developed in the 30s of the 20th century. Its inventor was a doctor by the name of SEIC, known for having studied the techniques of weight loss and normalization of metabolism.

His diet was first tested on patients of a Swiss sanatorium, and brought unprecedented for those times the results. The subjects lost an average 5 pounds within 10 days. During each meal they ate natural yogurt.

What you can eat and drink on yogurt diet

First, an important condition of the supply system is the consumption of certain amounts of fluid (at least 2 liters daily).

It is permitted to drink non-carbonated mineral water, tea without sugar and some fruit juices (Apple, grapefruit, orange).

Without exception, all the juices contain fiber, contributing to the normal metabolism. They must be at least 50% of the total volume of the fluid which is consumed daily. It saturates the body with trace elements and essential vitamins.

Special attention is given pomegranate juice diluted with cool boiled water 1:2. It prevents anemia, and therefore particularly useful. It is recommended to drink 0.5 cups of pomegranate juice after each meal.

As mentioned earlier, yogurt diet involves restrictions on certain types of fruits with a high content of carbohydrates. The preference for citrus and apples.

Now a few words about the yogurt. It saturates the body lacking fat and protein, which are not contained in fruits and fruit juices. The most useful is live yoghurt without additives and dyes made at home. It contains a special streptococci, as well as thick milk mass. To prepare this yogurt on the market today there are special devices – the yogurt maker. Purchase such equipment in the home appliance stores.

If you prefer to purchase the yogurt, you should choose only high-quality products, because not every store-bought yogurt is useful. The main characteristic of the natural product acts as a short shelf life and fat content to 1.2%. Natural yogurt can also be a great dressing for fruit salad.

The basic rule of the diet: the consumption of yogurt a day should not exceed 250-500 milliliters. It is calculated individually, based on the characteristics of the organism. The specified number is divided by 4 or even 5 daily meals.

Thus, the power system is quite democratic. It includes tea, juices and mineral water, fruit, boiled meat/fish, light vegetable salads. This will allow to saturate the body with all the essential nutrients to maintain health and well-being.

The maximum period of yogurt diet is 10 days. On average there is a loss of from 2 to 4.5 kg. This is a lot for such a period, and therefore to abuse the system power supply in any case impossible.

It is recommended to sit on a yogurt only diet before any significant event or event. After the break of not less than 2, and sometimes 3 weeks.

Earlier, the doctors told me that yogurt diet way to lose weight safely.