5 Ways Parents Can Teach About Racism When Schools Don’t

For many families who have had the privilege of avoiding the topic, talking about race and racism is hard. Recent harmful proposed legislation in several states across the country is aimed at ensuring that these discussions no longer happen in schools, either. The banning of critical race theory, and the mandate that teachers must always present “both sides” is detrimental, to say the least. The point, truly, is not really critical race theory (CRT) at all. CRT was developed in the 1970s as a way to understand the impact of racism in America on systems of power and policies. It is currently under attack through legislation banning it as an extension of mandates from the Trump administration. What matters is that while the laws are about stopping CRT, the message is that schools cannot acknowledge a deeply seeded history of racism in our country. This legislation aims to stop discussions about racism, at a time in which they were only starting to increase (historically, teachers have often shied away from this topic regardless of laws). While our hope is that this legislation is stopped, the reality is that in many states it will become law and so parents need more strategies at home to help our children understand our past and build a better future.

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