Abby De La Rosa Was Turned Down by a Midwife During Her Twin Pregnancy

Abby De La Rosa is a force. As she continues to share happy, real and raw moments of her life as a mom — she and Nick Cannon are parents to 1-year-old twin boys Zion and Zillion, and the co-parents are expecting another baby together — the mom of soon-to-be three is opening up about her feelings regarding C-sections, and why she was turned down by multiple midwives because of them during her twin pregnancy.

On her July 28 Instagram Stories, De La Rosa shared a clip of The Breakfast Club’s critical conversation surrounding the increased C-section rate in the United States, titled “Why the C-Section Rate is Much Higher Than it Should Be.” In the interview, hosts Angela Yee and Charlemagne the God discuss the new documentary Aftershock — a film that follows two women who died because of preventable complications during childbirth, including director Tonya Lewis Lee and documentary focal point Omari Maynard, who lost his wife because of childbirth complications.

“60% of C-Section births are not needed, but 70% of women are having them,” the video’s caption reads. Above the shared video on her Instagram Story, De La Rosa penned her own thoughts regarding C-sections in general — and how it affected her own pregnancy before giving birth to Zion and Zillion as she attempted to hire a midwife.

“It’s so insane because when I inquired a midwife for my twin pregnancy, I was turned down by many and found out it’s ILLEGAL in the state of California for a midwife to deliver twins and breech babies and ironically I had both of those regulations!” De La Rosa wrote. She admits that she’s conflicted on her thoughts regarding C-sections, weighing out the pros and cons of her own. “A C-section was my only option for the safety of my twins,” De La Rosa said. “Im so torn with C-sections because on one hand, it’s used for the love of money! But on the other hand, in my case with breeched twins, it potentially saved my life.”

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