Bob Harper Has a 7-Minute Workout to Tone Your Core for Summer – Watch

Summer bods are made in winter, but what if winter has passed and you still need a little help? Bob Harper to the rescue! The Biggest Loser alum, and three-time best-selling author, stopped by Us Weekly to share his core workout that he promises can be done anywhere, by nearly anyone – so there are no excuses! Watch the exclusive “Do-Anywhere Workout” video above to see how to get your tummy tight by summer.

Harper, 53, who survived a shocking near-fatal heart attack at the gym two years ago, also shared a health update with Us.

“I feel really good. These two years have been a journey of self-discovery. It’s been a real personal, and powerful, time in my life,” he explained. “I have found that what I needed to do was just basically relinquish control. When I had my heart attack, I had to find myself asking for help. So, my doctor’s, my family, friends, support team, they were really there for me, and guided me through this new part of my life.”

Harper has partnered with AstraZenaca to help kick off a second year of Survivors Have Heart, a national movement that uses the power of patient stories to engage heart attack survivors and loved ones.

“My heart stopped on me, and that’s something that if you’re not a heart attack survivor, you don’t really know what that’s like,” he recalled. “With Survivors Have Heart, we are going to give people a voice, and hopefully inspire them to lead a healthy lifestyle, to bring awareness to other heart attack survivors so they can hopefully prevent themselves from having another heart attack.”

For more with the fitness guru, watch the videos above!

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