Cameran Eubanks Shuts Down the Notion That It's "Selfish" To Have Only One Child

Whenever a woman becomes a mom, it’s basically a (miserable) rite of passage to be on the receiving end of unsolicited, unnecessary advice provided by seemingly everyone she crosses paths with. In today’s edition of “Seriously, Don’t Tell Others How To Parent,” Cameran Eubanks explained why she’s only having one child and shut down the notion that it’s “selfish” to not give her daughter Palmer a sibling.

A growing number of women and couples are opting to have only one child — the reasons vary from economic ones to self-awareness that having more than one child would simply be too draining for certain personality types. Eubanks falls into the latter category: She’s focused on being the best mom she can be to Palmer, and having a second child wouldn’t be healthy for anyone in the family.

“[A] lot of it is me having the self-awareness to know that one is all I can handle with my personality, and it’s okay to admit that, and it’s okay to admit to yourself and know what you can handle and know what your limits are,” the Southern Charm star explained to People.

Eubanks told the outlet that she frequently is told that she needs to give Palmer a sibling and it’s selfish not to. “I say, ‘I can either give her a sibling or I can give her a sane mother,’” she says. “And I think giving her a happy, healthy, mentally sane mother is way more important than a brother or sister that she’s probably gonna fight with anyway.”

We love that Eubanks has a sense of humor about the situation, but the bottom line is that no one should be shaming moms or dads who opt to only have one child. Of course sibling relationships can be incredibly special, but it’s narrow-minded, ignorant, and harmful to assume that shared blood and DNA are essential to meaningful, lifelong connections with others. We’re sure that Palmer, and all the other only children out there, will be just fine — and let’s keep all decisions about birth within the family where they belong, eh?


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