Channing Tatum's Daughter, Everly, Will Not Star in 'Sparkella' for an Important Reason

Channing Tatum — actor, children’s book author and proud girl dad — recently announced that a live adaptation of his book, The One and Only Sparkella, is coming to the big screen. Although Tatum confirmed he’ll be having both acting and producing roles in the upcoming film , the father of one is making it clear that his daughter, Everly, will not be starring in the new movie.

In the June 2022 issue of People, Tatum discussed his clear stance on whether or not 9-year-old Everly — who we shares with ex Jenna Dewan — would star in the film version of his children’s book. “Jenna and I, we’ve always met eye to eye on this one,” Tatum told People while promoting the upcoming film. “It’s pretty tough to be a child actor or artist.”

His reasoning behind Everly not pursing acting at such a young age has to do with Tatum’s own philosophy on being an artist, and his approach to acting in general. “I also believe that if you really want to be a beautiful artist, you have to go live a real life,” he told People. “And I think kids in Hollywood, in general, there’s a lot of things that are standing in the way to living a very normal life in the world.”

While Tatum insinuated that a small cameo or role for Everly might be on the table, he confirmed his stance on her starring in the new Sparkella movie. “I can’t say ‘yes’ in this moment,” Tatum said. “Definitely not being the lead of the movie. That’s never, ever going to happen.”

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