Claire Danes Reveals the Hilarious Reason Son Rowan Isn’t ‘Thrilled’ About a New Baby & It’s So Relatable

Claire Danes is about to become a mom of three, and her youngest son, Rowan, isn’t exactly excited about losing his spot as the baby of the family. The Golden Globe winner revealed that the 4-year-old is “less than thrilled” that she is expecting, and we can totally relate to his reasoning!

In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Danes said she and her husband Hugh Dancy are “thrilled” about the baby and their 10-year-old son Cyrus was “sort of resigned to it.” “I mean, the worst has already happened, his name is Rowan,” she quipped. But Rowan was not happy.

“Rowan has more to lose. Like, he has more at stake,” Danes said. “And he was categorically opposed to the idea. He said, ‘Yeah, no, no, no. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I like peace, Mama.’” I’m dying laughing! Her 4-year-old already knows a baby will disrupt the peace at home, and that is just too real. I mean, he has a point!

Then again, 4-year-olds aren’t exactly known for their peace and quiet either. The Fleishman Is in Trouble star continued, “I was like, ‘You like peace?’ That’s rich, because that dude does not shut up.” So true! He just doesn’t want anyone to steal his spotlight, you know?

Rowan also has a solution to the baby problem. Danes explained, “He said, ‘When it comes out of your tummy, we’ll give it to a family that doesn’t have a baby… ‘Cause we’re done.’” Love it! The boy knows the problem and he already has a ready-made solution!

Host Jimmy Fallon joked, “Good plan!”

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